Official Home of JET Rack® – The #1 Selling Interior Ladder Rack

The Official Home of JET Rack® – The #1 Selling Interior Ladder Rack

Quick and easy storage of your ladder using the most underused space — the ceiling!

JET Rack® leads to a more professional, organized and efficient cargo space. Put an end to the regular frustration of your ladder blocking access, being a constant nuisance underfoot, and tangling with tools, and materials. 

Created by Contractors, for Contractors, who designed JET Rack® to be compact, durable, and affordable but also modular and adjustable to work with the most common types of A-Frame ladders up to 10 feet in length. Combine two JET Racks (side by side) to create an extension ladder rack and store ladders even longer than 10 feet! The ideal solution for any professional: Electrician, HVAC, PlumberCarpenter, Handyman, Painter, Maintenance,…anyone anyone who uses a ladder every day. 

JET Rack® Save Time, Save Space, and make every day easier.

  • Secure your “A” Frame ladder instantly on ceilings or walls.
  • Protect your ladder from shifting cargo, theft, and damaging weather.
  • Easy to install, Easy to use and Guaranteed for life.
  • Main components cast using tool-grade aluminum for strength and durability.
  • Designed to use widely available strut channel (sold separately)
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Top 10 things heard about JET Rack

A Deceptively Simple Design

Remodeling Show - Baltimore

Whoever invented this must be in the business…..only somebody that knows what a pain in the @&$ that is could come up with something like that. I love it! 

AHR Orlando

The genius of it is that it uses strut. I have piles of that stuff lying around my shop. 

ISC - West Las Vegas

I have six trucks. I’ll take six right now

Buildings New York

I purchased a JET RACK  from you guys a few years ago and I’ve had it in my van and then I went to buy a new truck. I had all kinds of racks and shelving in my old truck but out of all that stuff the JET RACK was the only thing I kept to put in the new one. I use it all the time.

Another Happy Customer

I want it… Sir wouldn’t you like to see how it works? No, I saw what you just did there, I want it now…who do I see?

ISC - West Las Vegas

I have to laugh. This was such a big problem for me do you know what my solution was? I spent TWO DAYS installing a platform using hundreds of pounds of plywood and lumber and it was for one simple reason…so I could keep my ladder inside without it getting in the way and now I see this!? I should have thought of this instead!

Remodeling Show - Baltimore

We have used the JET Rack in our service vans for over ten years and we would be lost without it!

K. Conrad
Owner - KC Sound Systems

My guys beat the hell out of their ladders in their trucks. I see it every day….We have LOT of Trucks it would be crazy NOT to use it!

ISC West Las Vegas

Look at that… it uses Unistrut! [Shaking head]… man that’s a good idea right there!

AHR Orlando

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