White Lithium Grease Packet

White Lithium Grease Packet


.5 oz White Lithium Grease Packet UMKPART-3A from our optional JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit

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UMKPART-3A is the premium white lithium grease that we include in our optional JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit. It’s only about .5 oz  however we can assure you that a little goes a long way. If your JET Rack isn’t sliding effortlessly, this small packet is usually the solution you’re looking for.

Lubrication of the Slide Mount and Strut Channel is absolutely essential for smooth and reliable operation. We have tried many different lubricants and white lithium grease has proven to be the most effective and long lasting. This particular formula is our hands-down favorite.

Directions:  Wearing gloves, tear a corner off of the foil packet and squeeze gently onto a cloth applicator. Smooth the grease evenly along the inside and outside of the strut channel and portions of the slide mount that engage with the strut. ‘Work’ the slide back and forth to embed the lubricant into the parts and repeat until the slide mount moves effortlessly.  Video demonstration below.

UMKPART-3A packet contains white lithium grease formulated by a leading industry manufacturer. It is a a high purity NLGI Grade 2 (consistency of paste), multi-purpose white lithium grease that delivers exceptional lubrication and durability in most conditions and at temperatures ranging from 0-300 degrees F. (149 C)

Safety Data for this product can be found here.

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